You’ve likely come here for a reason.

You’re probably facing emotional stress, personal, relationship or carreer challenges, or a fully-fledged crisis in one or more of those areas.

Maybe your whole world suddenly got turned upside down, and in public, to add insult to injury! And you just don´t know how to get back on your feet again – as quickly and permanently as possible.

All this negatively affects your wellbeing, possibly your career, and most certainly your present and future life.

Chances are you’ve already tried to deal with these issues in some ways – from making amends to hiding, from fleeing to fighting, from medication or alcohol to rehab, from therapy to psychoanalysis.

But your problems are not really solved yet; instead, they might currently be at a new high point: leaving you feeling powerless, stuck, or even utterly hopeless.

We see it again and again, in all-time greats like Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Philip Seymour Hoffmann and Robin Williams; or in former dream couples like Burton and Taylor, Cruise and Kidman, Depp and Paradis; or in recently fallen leaders and stars like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

If the relationship with yourself or with others is afflicted with unhealed wounds, leading to abuse of oneself or another, even the greatest human gift, the greatest love or the greatest career is in severe danger.

Sometimes it is even destroyed and prematurely lost forever. Of course, this is more than terribly sad – it´s tragic.

And of course, there are causes for it.

Because no matter how successful and accomplished an artist is, they still can be driven by deep-seated inner pain from the past, by unconscious and conscious fears and by feelings of unworthiness.

This is often intertwined with detrimental beliefs, negative communication patterns and destructive self-defense mechanisms.

It shows up as mostly involuntary self-sabotaging behavior, like depression or aggression, addictions or compulsions, verbal or physical abuse against oneself or others.

It can also show up as a profound loss of meaning, purpose and passion in one´s life and work, leading to feelings of emptiness and uselessness.

The cost of it can be devastating – wrecking relationships, professional and financial success, personal happiness and health sometimes in a roller-coaster cycle of big ups and downs, sometimes in a big crash.

But it doesn´t have to be this way.

As a transformational success coach and energy healer, I provide an effective alternative or accelerating addition to therapy and psychoanalysis.

I am versed in helping you heal the chronic wounds of the past that hurt your mind, body and soul. As such, they have a dire influence on each and any of your relationships – be it with yourself, your partner, your children, your family of origin, or other life or business relationships.

Because relationship is everything and everything is relationship, your relationships with yourself and with others affect your whole life as well as your legacy on all levels.

They do so either positively or negatively, depending on the injuries and baggage you still carry around from the past that inform your present thinking, feeling, communicating and acting (out).

This is where I come in. I am an expert in detecting the root causes of the inner and outer crisis you´re facing.

I excel in helping you heal the inner wounds and the mental and emotional programming that keep the trauma active and had you acting it out in your life, your relationships or your carreer– and in just a fraction of the time that psychotherapy or psychoanalysis needs.

I also specialize in teaching you how to master the art of relationship communication with yourself and others, and reinstall trust.

This empowers you to find a new deep level of self-love, self-security, soul-connection and inner freedom and peace.

It also enables you to create true understanding, empathy and win-win solutions that positively inform and empower your romantic relationships as well as your professional relationships.

It is possible. I have seen it again and again with the amazing artists, and their spouses and children that I have also helped with my healing and coaching work.

In regards to couples’ relationships it has resulted in marriages that were saved and lifted on a new level of understanding, connection and happiness; in “war of roses” that were successfully transformed into peaceful divorces, and in the formation of happy and highly functional patchwork-families.

In regards to the relationship with oneself, the results have spanned from unfinished business coming to closure, to painful memories, anxiety, fears, limiting beliefs and behaviors released, to experiencing a degree of self-worth, love, connection, peace, passion, creative power and prosperity like never before.

On the outside this has manifested in relationships and business success on higher, more fulfilling levels, with a renewed, clarified sense of purpose and mission.

Last but not least, working with me empowers your spirit and personal faith, and thus everything you are and do with increased flow and receptivity.

You can find out about how I work to co-create those results here