What I can help you with

No matter how successful and accomplished you are as an artist or creative entrepreneur, you are a human being, with very human needs and challenges.

Basically we all want to be heard and seen, appreciated and loved for who we are.

We all are here to live our potential and life to the fullest so that we can make our most unique and biggest difference in the world for the better.

As you know that´s easier said than done.

Therefore you´re struggling at least in one area of your life, again or anew, despite the impressive success and well-being you experience in other areas.

So you´ve like come here for one of the following two reasons – or both:

1.  You’re facing emotional stress about a challenge in your personal life, your relationships or in your career, respectively, business. Maybe you have to deal with a fully-fledged crisis in one or more of those areas.

Or worse, your whole world suddenly got turned upside down, and in public, to add insult to injury! Likely, you don´t know how to get back on your feet again as quickly and permanently as possible.

Especially as you sense there are underlying causes that you finally need to transform – like limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behavior.

This challenge might show-up (again?!) as depression or aggression, as recurring losses or battles, as addiction or compulsion, or as some form of abuse against yourself or others.

To resolve it you probably have tried a lot already in the past: from making amends to hiding, from fleeing to fighting, from medication or alcohol to rehab, from therapy to psychoanalysis. But it´s still there, and too troubling to ride it out.

All this negatively affects your wellbeing, possibly the success of your career or your relationship, and most certainly your present life and future.


2. Drama is not your problem. But you feel, you´re not living up to your full potential, despite all your achievements in the past. There is a new area you would like to successfully stretch into.

Or there´s a new level of impact, contribution and fulfillment you would like to reach.  If you were just sure what it is or what holds you back! So you can get over it and move forward with unstoppable momentum.

You do sense that is has to do with your purpose here in this life-time.

You long to influence the world for the better on an even bigger scale than ever before. To make your voice be heard louder, and to shine your light brighter – for the highest good of all. Only you need more clarity and certainty, more guidance and empowerment.

This is where I come in. I have excelled in helping artists, creators and entrepreneurs succeed in…:

Effectively transforming and healing the inner wounds and habits that create drama patterns and self-sabotage in one´s life, business or relationships. And this in just a fraction of the time that psychotherapy or psychoanalysis need.

Successfully changing the programming in the brain and the communication with oneself and with others in ways that create harmony and resonance with what you truly want in life

Quickly helping my clients to discover their innate life-roles and purposes in all three life areas: professional calling; relationships; personal growth and happiness – as well as their life´s mission and vision.

Thus giving them the red, or rather, golden thread to follow throughout their lives and realize their full potential with zest.

Deeply strengthening their connection to their divine essence and guidance so that they were able to share their voice and light more positively and powerfully than before, increasing their influence and impact tangibly.

You may wonder how I was able to create those results with and for my clients. You can find out it here!