Catherine Le Blanc, Catherine Le Blanc, Actress, Model, Entrepreneur:

I am an actress, entrepreneur and lifestyle ambassador, I never thought that I could really do all this. 🙂 I always had the desire to be unlimited in my possibilities. I want it all, I love acting and beauty, the beauty of life, people, things, beautiful designs and beautiful feelings – and the beauty of the depth of life and creation. I had and have this dream and I wanted to live it. Now!

That´s how I met Anja, I always say she was the right person at the right time.

Anja is an extraordinary person and coach. Her very special skill is to combine her different coaching techniques with her brilliant intuition. There is no better coach than Anja, seriously. She´s even more because she does all this with a very natural, nice “being in the flow” attitude. And I just love the fact that you can work hard without working hard, if you know what I mean.:-)

I can talk for hours how she helped me to release my inner blocks and unconscious believes but at the end it´s not just about that, and we all know it. It´s deeper….the right teacher shows up at the right time, it can be life how it comes at you or it can be a person and in my case it´s my teacher Anja: it´s a beautiful thing to have such a light on your way, she literally brings light in my life when the unknown or darkness overcomes me.

Thank you for all your skills and tools, ease and magic dear Anja, be blessed,


Catherine Le Blanc, Actress, Model, Entrepreneur

February 22, 2016



Niki Robinson, Author, Yoga-Teacher, Singer (former Back-Up Singer to Beyonce):

“If I were asked to sum up the results in two words those two words would be“ Grace and Ease“ I’ve since launched a website, completed Yoga Teacher Training w//Yogaworks, just recently began blogging on my website, the blog ”Niki Knows“ which is a very personal piece of my work in the world, and last but NOT least I now have a permanent segment on the ORGENA ROSE SHOW called Yoga with Niki. The Work with Anja has somehow given me permission to say YES to what I want unapologetically, minus the guilt of becoming someone I’ve not been before therefore leaving the old me, people, places, ideas and situations behind. That in and of itself is quite a profound statement. It requires a very particular mindset to manifest that which one seeks to find in the world. I AM very clear about what I feel and I have the energy available to me to follow it thru to conclusion. I AM grateful for Anja’s presence in my life. The work with her has had a profound effect on me of which I imagine has just begun to take shape. “

Niki Robinson

Beyonce’s former backup singer and star of Chicagolicious, Healer and Yoga Teacher

February 22, 2016



Nike Fuhrmann, Actress, Narrator:

My dear Anja,

Thank you very much for your nice words for my Birthday! And for our work together!

I'm just really at a breakthrough: I got a female lead in an ARD-90 minutes-TV movie (for US readers: ARD is a primary TV network in Germany), as an artist / magician / teacher / lover / friend / mother. What a pleasure to play!

My life-partner is in France with the children, so I can concentrate, relax, work - and once again go to the movies. "Lucy" by Besson, inspiring. Yes!!

This year is so turbulent in the world, but so wonderful for me personally: children, love, career, health, soon a move. I am VERY SUCCESSFUL! And so blessed!

Our time together has given me a wonderful foundation and an extreme storm-proof basis for all of this.

Because they do still exist sometimes, the moments of doubt and fear, especially when I stand face to face with new and bigger challenges. But since I now have a full tool box...

And thus, the space for my imagination and my life expands very quickly. There is no going backwards, only always moving forward. And that with great ease, safety and fun!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Feel hugged,

February 22, 2016



Christian Arming, Music Director, Conductor:

Approximately 3 years ago I started to work with Dr. Anja Walter-Ris. My motivation was mainly that I felt I needed to change something in my personal, my private as well as in my professional life and to get help with that. Not that I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own, but because a different perspective from a professional point of view would give me the support I needed.The support I received and still receive from Anja was and is multifaceted.

With regards to the relationship between my wife and me, I learned how to better see her needs, handle conflict situations, and improve our communication. I learned how to recognize and change behavioural patterns in our interactions so that I can give her more respect, take more responsibility myself, and respond to situations more consciously, thus helping me to better understanding her behavior and us.

In my professional life, I received great help from Anja who showed me how I can better handle my financial matters: From empowering me in dealing with money and professional situations regarding finances, negotiation and career development to consulting me in my switch to new international management, which I did successfully thanks to her. I even obtained my second chief conductor position with her support.

Personally very important to me is what I learned about myself. I learned to see myself in a new way and to build my confidence and my self-esteem. Not only was I able to share my wishes and dreams, but also I began to find a way to realize and manifest what is important to me.

I learned how to deal with old and new emotional injuries and how to become aware of my subconscious mind and positively influence it . Anja and I clarified who I am, where I want to be and how I take responsibility and action along the way to get there.

I thank Anja, my wife, and my children from the bottom of my heart for helping me to move forward on my path and for getting all the support that I so longed for before I met Anja.

Christian Arming,

Music Director, New Japan Philharmonic

Music Director, Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liege

February 22, 2016



Tessa Mittelstaedt, Actress:

Two years ago, I was seeking new input for my path as an actress. I felt like I was at a standstill and wasn’t really satisfied with my current professional situation.

I was searching for a coach, and I was looking for personal expansion.

On my search on the Internet I came across the homepage of Dr. Anja Walter-Ris and her informative video. Immediately, I was very keen and curious to find out more about it.

Anja´s intelligent, empathetic nature, her positive approach, her offer along with the solid content of our coaching sessions not only convinced me to continuously work with her, but made me very happy and even gave me wings on several occasions. I can only highly recommend everybody working with her.

She helps actors and actresses to gain clarity, self-confidence, focus, goal setting and implementation, and she fabulously strengthens the soul of an artist.

Her approach, among others, that every artist is also an entrepreneur of his/her own artistic business, has opened my eyes and placed fun tools in my hands, with which I have worked since.

My search was definitely worthwhile, because since then I have made decisions for myself and received positive resonance, which I wouldn’t have made or gotten without her.

I am very grateful to her and gladly share my “Anja-experiences” with everybody who is interested.

Tessa Mittelstadt, Actress

February 22, 2016



Roland Avenard, Actor, Voice-Over artist:

Dear Anja,

the weather is nice, as is life, and the reason that I can intensively appreciate this, has definitely something to do with our coaching over the last year.

How great it is to again and again shift one’s focus on the abundance and not the lack of things.

One (and I literally mean everyone) cannot often enough realize this. It was a great help on my recent tour at every venue, in every hotel room, to find and notice something beautiful and pleasant that shows how blessed we all really are!!!

I now will be going to the Luisenburg Festival in Wunsiedel for 3 months, where I will be playing „Hans“ in „Comedian Harmonists“.

Before our coaching the following link would have been embarrassing for me.

(showcasing Roland´s highly accomplished actors bio in German)

Now I just think: Yes, that’s another way to read my resume and I am proud of what I’ve achieved so far.

For the next month, I have a shooting request (even for an on-going supporting role in a series).

I feel in the flow and I am feeling my own power. Often all we need is support in order to be able to go INSIDE and remember that. Because that’s it: We ARE already it; we just sometimes forget. I am deeply grateful to you for reminding me of that and I give you a big heartfelt hug.

February 22, 2016



Julia Nisslein, Producer, Consultant:

May 2014

Dear Anja,

First of all: Thank you very, very much!

Six months ago, I came to you by recommendation – at a time of transition – in between jobs and cities. I had just moved from Munich to Berlin and needed to get clear about what I really wanted to do professionally and whether the path I had started to take was the right one for me.

Thanks to our work together, I’m not only convinced that my way is the right one, but I also have improved my communication skills and learned to reflect and accept myself and others.

Don´t we all are familiar with this: In our private as well as our professional lives there are situations in which we feel uncomfortable, behave according to old patterns and are upset afterwards – usually about ourselves. Anja and I have analysed and solved many of these situations. Nowadays those situations rarely ever happen to me – and if they do, I simply analyse them and continue to work on myself.

Dear Anja, thank you so much for helping me making major steps towards being myself – the person I want to be and can be.

Meanwhile, I started my own business as a producer – taking that step would have been unthinkable for me only six months ago. I thank you for that.

Thanks to you, I also have become a great fan of coaching!

All the best for you and I hope to see you soon again in Berlin,

February 22, 2016



Bastian Sierich, Actor, Narrator, Voice-Over Artist:

Due to the work with Anja, I have learned to phrase my goals so that I can accomplish them with ease and joy, thus making my life happier and more successful in all areas.

Since Anja´s fantastic and effective coaching I’m getting shooting days in international TV-and movie productions and receive more income due to my work as an actor, narrator and voice-over artist. Due to her great intuition and experience, her loving kindness, her wide range of coaching tools and techniques especially the Alpha-Synapses-Programming™, I was able to dissolve many stubborn blockages in the long term.

Spontaneous or planned talks with decision makers (such as casters, producers e.g.), which used to cause me anxiety and fear before, are now fun for me!

Many unpleasant situations that I used to solve by escaping, today not even occur to me anymore. I feel more competent, creative and confident since Anja has coached me, and I now see the ways and possibilities to become who I always wanted to be.

Everybody forges his own destiny – Anja gives you the sledgehammer, the anvil and the required fire!

Bastian Sierich,

Actor and Voice-Over Artist

February 22, 2016



Tobias Kay, Actor, Producer:

Dear Anja,

the Berlin premiere of our film “DeAD“ will take place on Feb. 6th, 2014 at 8:15 pm at the Babylon cinema, before it´ll be shown in cinemas nationwide on Feb. 13th (YIPPIEYAHYEAAAAAH!!!) 😉

By the way.... what I also wanted to tell you.... I thought your video-clip, „the path of the white tiger“, was wonderful and very empowering.

As a result of our fantastic work and my regular joy with ALPHA there’s only one path right for me... the path of faith... the path of the white tiger... the one which I love so much...!!!

Looking forward to Berlin, and sending you ‘sunny greetings”, Tobias.
Here’s the link to the webpage of our movie:

Tobias Kay
c/o Spielkind GmbH

February 22, 2016



Nici Mommsen, Screenwriter:

Before I started coaching with Anja , was the biggest challenge for me to trust me at all to make the decision to work as a screenwriter . Then it was all about learning to believe in my talent and skills and not to give up at the first resistance for me.

Today I feel more and more natural as a screenwriter and am convinced that I will deny them a living . This is also my results so far : I have received two orders paid by a large production company and a paid development contract from a transmitter for a writer ! Also, I was able to win for my screenplay projects of great directors and actors with whom I continue to work on projects together .

By working with Anja I have ever learned to define my goals professionally , personally and privately clear. With practical tools (setting the year , month , week targets) to define the steps there and go and not to lose heart when something does not work as well as perceive and celebrate when it works!

Also, personally and privately I have learned to develop specific goals and achieve them and appreciate the same value as the professional field.

The Alpha synapses programming is actually a really great tool ! After each session , whether by Anja or even when I apply it myself , I always feel light and free from the problems that seem to hinder me at the moment .

I thank my husband, my family and friends who support me and believe in me and my goals. And thanks to you, Anja , for your support and inspiration continues to look ahead and to go to reach my goals.

February 22, 2016



Simone Jaeger, Simone Jaeger, Actress, Speaker and Coach, Germany:

Before I worked with Anja, my biggest challenge was that I was stuck in a bog of dark thoughts that consisted mainly of doubts and fears. With Anja´s help I was able to leave that bog and to free and lift up my divine soul who always knew who I truly am and what ´s right for me.

I have learned in working with Anja that there is somebody who believes in me and can see that truthful something in me. I have learned that behind all the different “truths” inside of me that battle with each other and are only the truths of other people – parents, the society, the media – exists real truth, my truth: love, spirit, God, the source from which everything and everybody is created and connected with each other and is whole and complete. In that state everything is possible and all happens with ease. In that space I am perfect; there are no problems and no limitations.

In order to be able to return and stay connected with this space (to me / the source), I have learned around 30 different techniques, methods and strategies so that I can recognize and dissolve patterns and programs that harm me.

I also learned to set intentions and new goals about what I really wish to create and receive. I have learned to take responsibility for my thoughts, and therefore for what I say, feel, do and how I, MYSELF, create my life.

I have learned that self-marketing and networking is a way to cherish and give what I have to give and that for as a sensible artist, it is actually a source of spiritual growth and self-expression.

Through our work I have learned to find peace and calm in my head, to listen to my intuition, and to make decisions in such way that is best for me.

I have healed old wounds and allowed myself to expand my life also financially, to invest in me, to allow more money to come into my life, and to do what is fun, nurtures me and makes me feel good in the best sense.

Alpha Synapses Programming™ with Anja makes all this even more easy and playful for me. I lovingly call it “ to alpher” and have learned from Anja not only to receive it but use it myself as well.

After an Alpha session I was often tired, sometimes irritated, sometimes relieved – feeling tired but sheltered and at ease. Often after a day or a few more, I suddenly observed fundamental changes in my behavior or in what I attracted. Suddenly fears had gone, and I just did what I had avoided to do out of fear. Or pain that I had for weeks and wouldn´t go away, out of the blue disappeared.
When we or I “alphered”, in order to increase my money inflow, all of the sudden lots of money came in or a job that was well paid. It was really exciting. I´ll keep working with Alpha, as it works on very deep levels of my being and the unconscious, as well as on a cellular level.

The results I got through coaching with Anja are evident in all areas of my life.

The relationship between me and my boyfriend probably wouldn´t exist anymore, if it wasn´t for him and me working together with Anja. This work brought us on our shared path, and empowered us in personal and professional challenges or crisis, and made us realize that the success of one is also the success of the other.

Anja also accompanied me when my father was in the process of dying in a way that I didn´t fall into despair or broke apart, but despite the pain and farewell, came out spiritually and personally stronger than before.

During the 2 years we worked together, I healed with her help most of my pain in regards to a severe childhood trauma, so that I am now free of the old pain, and can freely move forward to independently and joyfully build my life.

In terms of career, I had my first bunch of shooting in a high quality TV series on one of Germany´s primary networks. I can live from my acting, and am free when I act. I also love now to be with people.

What I am grateful for is that through working with Anja, I am not smoking anymore, have stopped drinking at all, don´t hurt myself anymore, have overcome depression. Instead I love myself, have fun with myself and others, laugh and dance a lot, just for fun, and TRUST LIFE, myself and the source.

I am grateful to Anja who has followed the calling to help actors and artists to step into their power, and to live their lives fulfilled, successful and richly. I am grateful for the intense work we did over a longer time frame, for all her love, hope, and wisdom. And that you Anja, give so generously from your artist´s heart, and therefore know how it looks inside of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to find a relative in you, and for being a fabulous, world-changing coach!

Simone Jaeger

February 22, 2016

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