The challenges an artist faces are as unique as their talents and personalities.

As such, I use an individualistic dual approach that aims to create alignment with your dreams and desired results from the inside out.

This is because what you harbor and nurture inside of you, for example habitual beliefs, thoughts, judgments, and feelings, strongly influence what you´ll receive in your external world.

Likewise, your verbal or behavioral actions on the outside greatly affect what you experience in your internal world – which then again affects your actions and results in your external world. The cycle is closed.

Thus, in my work I alternate between focusing on positively changing your world inside as well as what you create and manifest in your world outside.

Using my highly intuitive style, I utilize innovative energy healing, coaching, communication and psychological methods that bring about inner transformation and new outer manifestation.

Those methods include for example Alpha Synapses ProgrammingTM, developed by German programmer and healer Lissy Götz. It is not practiced by anyone else in the US other than me.

Furthermore, I have developed a process that combines “Alpha” with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and spiritual inner guidance, which has been shown to work even faster and more deeply transformative on beliefs, fears, doubts, emotions, and traumas.

Other methods that I studied and use as needed include but are not limited to Sedona, Transactional Analysis, the Work, NLP, Radical Forgiveness, process-oriented therapy, systemic positioning, guided meditation healings, psychic reading, and light and aura work.

In addition I use, as well as facilitate, masterful communication through “Conscious Communication” which I developed out of methods like “Violent-free Communication” and “Pro-active Communication”, which allows yourself – and your partner or child – to feel heard, seen, validated, understood and empowered to find new, beneficial solutions for all concerned.

Add to this my inspiring encouragement, judgment-free presence, caring honesty and – if needed – tough love, as well as my own rich life, relationship and work experiences.

All of this enables you to achieve your vision of personal, relationship or/and career happiness, of positive power and prosperity, as well as creative and transformational impact in the world to a degree that so far may have seemed to be unimaginable or out of reach for you or your family.

Working with me offers you, and as the case may be, your partner or child, an effective alternative or an accelerating companion to therapy or psychoanalysis – which usually takes 5-9 years and often still leaves major issues unresolved – or to traditional, mainly action-oriented coaching, which seldom solves the underlying blocks to making real change.

Hence, my work is a unique synthesis of cutting-edge energy healing, coaching and psychological methods. It has proven to be a surprisingly easy, immediately noticeable and highly effective way of achieving deep and lasting positive change.

It helps performing artists and creators in Film, TV and Theater to happily play the game of life, love, relationships and art while making a positive difference in the world with inner freedom, love, joy peace, power and prosperity.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can support you, you can schedule an initial, non-binding, strictly confidential conversation. Feel free to connect with me here