Life, Career and Success Coaching for Artists and Creators in Film, TV/Media, for Creative Entrepreneurs

When you’ve gained success and popularity as a professional actor, singer, writer, director, producer or /and creative entrepreneur the rest of the world thinks your life is perfect.

People can´t see that the challenges you´re facing, are as unique, extraordinary and human as you are.

They don´t understand that no matter how successful you are, and how much you´ve already achieved, there is at least one area in your life where you really struggle.

But you know the challenge to keep and uplevel your success while continuing to grow, stay sane and healthy, and realize your life´s purpose.

You´re aware of the wounds of the past that you transcend in your work, but still cause trouble in your personal and professional life.

You´ve learned the hard way that the relationships with the people you love or work with don´t follow a movie script with a guaranteed smooth storyline or happy end.

This can be as challenging, scary, painful, or devastating, as it can get. Which is even tougher if you´re under close scrutiny by the press and the public eye.

Unfortunately, the world out there doesn´t care how annoying it can be when every move you make is being watched and judged – often without regard for your personal truth and privacy, while you just try to live your life and realize your potential the best you can.

But deep inside you want to transcend those challenges. You desire to create happiness and success in the areas where you still struggle. You long for realizing your purpose on much higher levels.


All or any of that can be exhausting or frustrating. The challenges you´re facing can aggravate or depress you! But this is not your fault.

To deal with this successfully wasn´t taught at school or at your home.

But you´re not alone – even if deep inside you might feel like you are. I am here for you. I care and understand your challenges.

Since 10 years, I am successfully empowering highly creative, multi-talented artists and creators like you as a transformational life, business, relationship and success coach and healer.

My commitment to you is to effectively help you dissolve what blocks your way to actualize your full potential and purpose, and to reach new, higher levels of success, peace, balance and happiness.

`Cause: “The Best is Yet to come!” (Frank Sinatra,1964) Really!

Find out how I can help you. 100% confidentiality guaranteed.

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